Are processed foods dangerous for your dog?

Are processed foods dangerous for your dog?

Here is what you need to know about how the food you give to your food affects its overall health. 

Puppy's head on top of food bowl
Puppy's head on top of food bowl / iStock

Dogs eat a variety of foods, including store-bought dog food, meat, vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates. 

But even though dogs eat a wide variety of food, not everything is healthy for them. 

Cam Wimble of The Dog Nutritionist says high carbohydrates are "stressful diets" for your dog. He gives an example of corn, rice, wheat, oats, potatoes, and lentils. 

In his YouTube video, he says these ingredients do not provide your dogs with nourishment they require, rather they put the dog's "digestive system under tremendous amounts of stress".

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This can lead to obesity. 

"They have inappropriate levels of sugars and indigestible starches that contribute to obesity," says Wimble. 

He adds that they can also "contribute to the early onset of nearly all degenerative diseases additives".

Pure Pet Food states that 'dogs that are receiving an unbalanced diet are prone to all sorts of issues including life-shortening obesity, bad breath, a dull coat, skin disorders'.

Another site, Pure Pet Food, states that a 'poor diet can cause or contribute to a number of dog illnesses, including: obesity, pancreatitis, diabetes, gastrointestinal illness (Colitis, Gastroenteritis, etc.), heart disease, cancer, skin and fur conditions'.  

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