Are weight-loss teas safe to consume?

Are weight-loss teas safe to consume?

We spoke to tea expert Jessica Bonin about the dangers of consuming weight-loss teas.


Losing weight is not always easy. It takes time and discipline. However, there are products on the market such as weight-loss teas that promise to help speed up the process.  

If you are trying to lose weight and are considering slimming teas, Jessica Bonin, the founder of Lady Bonin's Tea, has some advise for you.

“Commercial teas that boost slimming properties should be taken very lightly and carefully,” says Jessica.

She says that although the teas might be advertised as safe, it is important to carefully examine the ingredients.

“The ingredients need to be analysed individually,” she says.

She adds that it is important for a doctor to be consulted before consuming any slimming tea. This will help avoid any health issues that might be caused by drinking harmful ingredients.

Jessica also warns that “there are a lot of fads on social media with radical and unsafe claims.”

Jessica encourages anyone wanting to lose weight to stay away from quick fix methods and recommends exercising and eating well.

“There is no quick fix for weight loss. While tea can increase your metabolism, if your diet isn’t healthy and exercise is non-existent, it won’t help,” she concludes.

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