Carla’s favourite ways to spice up a braai
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Carla’s favourite ways to spice up a braai

Weekends in South Africa mean one thing – a perfect opportunity to braai!

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Braai'd meat is a favourite in many South African homes. Regardless of race, background or even location, a braai is part of the South African way of life.

It is the best way to end a weekend, to celebrate with family, or to just enjoy lots of meat. 

If you are looking for ways to spice up your braai, Carla has nine tips for you:  

- Have the best company. If the company is disjointed you won’t have a great time.  

- Have comfortable seats and have a chair for everyone. Nothing is worse than having guests sit in a different room because there’s no seating. 

- Two things which should be on the fire: mielies and braaibroodjies (without onions).  

- Make a fire with wood rather than charcoal. It adds to the ambiance of the day.  

- If you don’t have or don’t like pickled fish, braai a snoek! 

- Whatever your drink of choice is, let it be extra cold and make sure you have something warm like hot chocolate and quality coffee for those who do not drink alcohol. 

- No television should be in the braai area unless it’s rugby. 

- Make sure you have the best background music and that it’s not TOO loud. 

- If you’re playing a braai game, make sure you include everyone.

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