Chef Siba Mtonga gives Tito Mboweni's cooking a thumbs up

Chef Siba Mtonga gives Tito Mboweni's cooking a thumbs up

The famous South African chef believes Tito is getting better and better with his cooking.

Tito Mboweni's lamb stew
Tito Mboweni's lamb stew/ Twitter

Tito Mboweni's cooking skills - or lack thereof - are back in the spotlight again.

The former Finance Minister shared a recipe of his lamb stew recently. As usual, social media users were not impressed. 

Some of them asked chef Siba Mtonga to intervene and help the minister with his cooking skills. 

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The chef's response surprised many of the followers. She said Mboweni's cooking is improving. 

"Ok Mzansi, let’s be fair…. The former finance minister’s cooking is improving drastically… You gotta have ‘faith’," wrote Siba on Twitter.

She also said she will not be intervening.  

"No need for intervention from me anymore… Besides the size of garlic and onion," she wrote. 

The chef said Mboweni's lamb stew doesn't look bad at all. 

"Give him some kudos please bahlali… He’s really trying and improving… Or? I mean the lamb stew this time around doesn’t look too bad? You would be surprised as the taste could be," she wrote. 

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Poll: Do you think Tito Mboweni's cooking is improving?

No, he needs to stop it with the recipes. 

Yes, I agree with chef Siba Mtonga. 

I don't care about Tito Mboweni's cooking. 


Image courtesy of Twitter

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