#FetchYourBody2022: Dietitian gives warning signs that you are on the wrong diet

Dietitian gives warning signs that you are on the wrong diet

Are you on a diet to shed weight you gained during the festive season? A dietitian gives a guide on how to check if you are on the wrong diet. 

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One of the common new year’s resolutions for many people is to lose weight. 

#FetchYourBody2022 has been trending on Twitter, with many users sharing their weight loss tips. 

Although there are many diets on the market, dietitian Sylven Masoga warns against choosing a diet based on Dr Google or what friends and family advise.  

He says this is because our bodies are not the same and certain diets might pose a health risk for some, despite working for another person. 

“You cannot photocopy a diet,” warns the dietitian. 

He says it should be “individual” based after a health assessment has been done. 

“We encourage people to use the right method to lose weight in order to maintain their ideal weight. People should consult dietitians in order for the calculations for the right amount of food and the right combination. 

“It is not a blanket approach,” he warns. 

He says it is important to ensure your diet doesn’t rob you of the nutrients your body needs. 

“You need to lose weight, but you need to maintain good health. You need the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Other diets lack certain nutrients. Yes, you will lose weight, but you might be left with undesirable health risks,” says Sylven. 

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Signs you are on the wrong diet

Sylven has shared some of the common signs of being on the wrong diet. 

The expert warns that the wrong diet might cause long-term health risks such as poor skin appearance, poor hair growth, nail development issues, and liver problems.

But immediate signs of being on the wrong diet includes fatigue.  

“The dizziness and fatigue should only be for a day to show a new adjustment to a new diet. If you continuously feel dizzy, dehydrated, tired, that shows that the diet that you are doing is wrong." 

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