Elana Afrika’s food recipes for Easter

Elana Afrika’s food recipes for Easter

These delicious recipes from Elana Afrika will leave your family begging for more!

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Elana, like most of us, likes to celebrate Easter by spending time with family and cooking delicious meals.

“This Easter is super special as my folks have come to visit from Cape Town to do a special Friday dinner and hunt for Easter eggs,” says Elana.

Not surprisingly, she says one of her favourite Easter treats is hot cross buns with custard.

Below she shares the recipe:


Hot cross buns



- Break hot cross buns into four pieces.

- Stack them in an oven dish.

- Cover the hot cross buns with custard.   

- Bake for 15 min at 180 degrees.

- Once out of the oven, sprinkle with cinnamon and squeeze honey in places - and yum! 

For breakfast, Elana says anything to do with eggs would be great!

“Make scrambled eggs for breakfast and use the empty egg shells later to paint and hide them in the garden for a hunt. They won’t be edible, but they will be beautiful and colourful and make for a great game,” says Elana. 

And if your budget is a bit tight, Elana recommends spoiling your family with boerewors rolls.   

“Instead of spending lots of cash on a braai, only do boerewors and buns, and have everyone help,” she says.  

You can spice up the boerewors with chakalaka. 

Lastly, Elana says: “Buy a massive watermelon, slice it horizontally and use a bunny cookie cutter and make fun fruit animals. They are healthy and will be a great activity for the children.” 

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