Eskort Just Delicious - Back to school lunch box snacks

Eskort Just Delicious - Back to school lunch box snacks

It's back to school but we’re keeping it cool with these #JustDelicious lunchbox snacks!

Snack Attack Bacon Cereal Bars
Snack Attack Bacon Cereal Bars/ Supplied

Here are five yummy recipes from the Eskort chefs that your little ones will enjoy. 

Snack Attack Bacon Cereal Bars

Bars of crunchy breakfast cereals mixed with bacon, honey, sticky dates and peanut butter. 

Mini Corn Dogs

Mini cheese Viennas lightly coated in a sweet flapjack batter and deep-fried to golden perfection. 

Deep-fried Cheesy Frikkadels

Golden crumbed deep-fried meatballs smothered in tangy cheddar and cream cheese.  

Easy Freezy Muffins

A smooth muffin batter with a variety of delicious flavour options.  

Sweet Bacon Popcorn

Buttery popcorn dusted with sugar and topped with crispy bacon. 

Visit for these recipes and more. 

Culinary school? He’s been there, done that, but the t-shirt wasn’t big enough…for his personality. Now he’s bringing the fun and flavour to the Eskort Kitchen. His name is Pieter Jan and he cooks with a heavy hand and an even heavier accent.

Eskort chef
Eskort chef/ Supplied

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