Eskort Just Delicious: The Festive Feast

Eskort Just Delicious: The festive feast

Are you unsure about what to prepare for your Christmas lunch? Don't fret. Eskort has some amazing recipes that will help you spoil your loved ones. 

Pork Sausage Stuffed Chicken
Pork Sausage Stuffed Chicken/ Supplied

Treat your family to a feast with these delicious recipes from Eskort. 

Pork Sausage Stuffed Chicken

A deboned whole chicken filled with a #JustDelicious stuffing made of Gold Medal Pork Sausage meat, herbs, spices and breadcrumbs, then covered in butter and roasted until cooked and golden brown. 

Berry-Glazed Gammon

#JustDelicious gammon oven-roasted in a berry juice and vegetable stock bath with baby carrots, red onions, garlic and herbs, then glazed with berry jam, re-roasted and served sliced with vegetables. 

Spiced Honey & Rum Gammon

#JustDelicious gammon coated with a mixture of rum, honey and spice, then oven-roasted until tender and juicy. 

Leftover Gammon & Cheese Snackwich

Layers of #JustDelicious gammon, sliced tomatoes, red onion rings, baby spinach and two cheeses sandwiched between fresh slices of bread then toasted in a snackwich until golden brown and crisp. 


Festive Fruity Sweet Potato Bake

#JustDelicious Sweet Potatoes covered with fruit cake mix, spiced with cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, and drizzled with brandy, cherry liqueur and maple syrup then baked until deliciously tender and golden. 

Pumpkin & Madeira Bake with Whipped Vanilla Cream

Pumpkin and Madeira cake cubes sprinkled with sugar, covered with a spicy, sweet egg batter and topped with pumpkin seeds then baked until golden brown and served topped with whipped vanilla cream.


Baked Chai Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes scored, covered with a sweet chai vinaigrette and baked until tender and #JustDelicious.

Baked Dukkah Cauliflower with Melted Camembert

A head of cauliflower drizzled with avocado oil, rubbed with fragrant, earthy spices then topped with creamy Camembert and baked to #JustDelicious perfection.

Eskort chef
Eskort chef/ Supplied

Culinary school? He’s been there, done that, but the t-shirt wasn’t big enough…for his personality. Now he’s bringing the fun and flavour to the Eskort Kitchen. His name is Pieter Jan and he cooks with a heavy hand and an even heavier accent.

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