Eskort Just Delicious - Irresistible meals
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Eskort Just Delicious - Irresistible meals

This week in the Eskort kitchen, we’ve whipped up some irresistible meals that will leave you wanting more!

Sausage and peppers

Italian Style Sausages & Peppers

Hearty and wholesome. Fried beef sausages with a tomato, pepper, onion, garlic, and chilli paste sauce - yum! Served up inside a buttered roll with your favourite starch, this dish won’t disappoint! For this and more yummy meals, visit

Guacamole & Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Top O’ the Morning’ to ya! This Gauc and Bacon Sarmie is so darn tasty it makes the perfect start to any morning! Nutritious and delicious! For this and many more-ish recipes, visit

Bacon sandwhich

Sticky Kassler Chops & Cucumber Salad

Succulent Kassler chops marinated in sesame oil, soy, and hoisin sauce. Add some red chilli - now we’re talking! Oven bake and serve with a fresh 'n crunchy cucumber salad. For this and more amazing dishes, visit

Sticky chops and cucumber salad

Creamy Pulled Pork Pasta

Delicious. Quick. No mess, no fuss and totally dressed for any occasion! Pulled Pork mixed into a creamy sauce made with melted butter, mushrooms, and onion whipped into pasta with fresh rocket and a generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. Yes please! For this and more delicious recipes, visit

Pork pasta

The Huisgenoot, You, and Drum recipe for the week is Brinjal Burger with Red Pepper Topping and it will be posted on Thursday 15 March in the Eskort hubs on each of their websites.

We hope you enjoy our wholesome and hearty line-up for this week and have an absolutely more-ish St Paddy's Day!

But before you go, with these More-ish Meals, do you have the winning recipe? 

If you love cooking and creating new recipes, we want to hear from you! From sticky ribs and pulled pork, to tasty tarts and pasta, show us how you and your family enjoy Eskort. If you think your dish is #JustDelicious, get sharing for a chance to win.

Eyes on the prize

Because with Eskort, #Life’sDelicious, we’ve sprinkled in some prizes and a taste of the limelight. The winner and the runner-up will have their recipe featured on the website of YOU, Drum or Huisgenoot, as well as in an October issue of the publication. What’s more? Both winners will also receive a copy of the Eskort 100 Years 100 Recipes book and a digital subscription to YOU, Huisgenoot or Drum, along with some awesome vouchers that’ll no doubt sweeten the deal.

First prize: R5000 Checkers voucher

Second prize: R1000 Spree voucher

Go to, or to enter. Don’t delay, enter today! Entries close at midnight on 15 March 2018.

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