Eskort Just Delicious: From Russia with flavour

Eskort Just Delicious: From Russia with flavour

Add flavour and fun to the old-favourite Russian with these delicious recipes!

Russian and chips
Russian and chips/ Supplied

From Russian roll to the old-time favourite Russian and chips, here are recipes from the Eskort chefs that will have you licking your fingers. 

Cheese Russian Roll with Easy Cheese Sauce

Cheese Russian snuggled in a roll topped with crispy bacon, deep-fried onion rings and a velvet-smooth cheese sauce. 

Roasted Red Onion Russian Roll with Lemon Cottage Cheese

Harissa spiced roasted red onion and smoked Russians stuffed in a hotdog bun and top with zesty lemon cottage cheese.

Spiced Russians & Chips

Russians with paprika, chilli flakes and red peppers served with fluffy potato wedges in a crispy deep-fried shell.

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