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Eskort Just Delicious: Yummy hot dog recipes

From Korean Style Hot Dog to French “Haute” Dogour, we have four delicious hot dog recipes that are guaranteed to please kids and adults alike.

Hot dog

Makeover your hot dogs with these fun ideas and easy recipes.

Korean Style Hot Dog

This Korean Style #HotDog is literally Seoul food! Our #JustDelicious Smoked Viennas are halved, wrapped in cheese slices and coated in crunchy Doritos before being deep-fried to golden brown perfection. Serve with your choice of sweet chilli, sriracha sauce or tomato sauce. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Bunless German Style Hot Dog

Auf Wiener-sehen! Served bunless, our #JustDelicious German Style #HotDog features a smoky Frankfurter fried and topped with tangy sauerkraut, crispy potatoes and spicy German mustard. Serve with an ice-cold beer for a full Germanic experience! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Bunless hot dog

Italian Hot Dog

Italy may not have qualified for the World Cup but our Italian #HotDog tops the leaderboard! Our juicy Mediterranean Pork Sausages are topped with a flavourful mixture of colourful peppers and onions, seasoned with Italian herbs and served inside a crisp and chewy ciabatta roll. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Italian hot dog

French “Haute” Dog

Oui #LoveHotDogs! A crisp baguette is sliced open, smeared with creamy butter and sharp Dijon mustard then filled with a #JustDelicious Gourmet Hot Dog topped with sweet and slightly salty gruyere cheese. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Hot dog

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