Eskort: Show off your gourmet cooking skills with these recipes

Eskort: Show off your gourmet cooking skills with these recipes

Cater for the entire family with these delicious Eskort recipes. 


This week in the Eskort kitchen we have recipes that will have your family licking their fingers. Whether you are looking for a sweet bite or something filling, these recipes won't disappoint. 

Magical Bacon Bars

What could make bacon any better? Well - CHOCOLATE of course! These #JustDelicious Magical Bacon Bars take the two best things in the world to make some real recipe magic! When you add a little bit of coconut, some roasted almonds, caramel, condensed milk, butter, eggs and bake it all up, the result is so sweet and salty and so yummy that you'd best make a double batch! For this and more flavour packed recipes visit

Pork Chops with Blue Cheese & Chives

Posh Pork Chops! This #JustDelicious dish stuffed with blue cheese & chives really steps up the fancy without any of the fuss! The perfect stress-free gourmet dinner idea for friends or family. Visit for this recipe and more.


Cheesy Beef Gnocchi

Easy peasy and oh-so-cheesy! We're all talking Italian in the kitchen today while we get our #JustDelicious Cheesy Beef Gnocchi going. Beef sausages combined with diced tomatoes, garlic, parsley, origanum and cream, it's that easy! Top it all with some mozzarella and bake until the cheese has melted and is bubbling. Voila! For this and more flavour packed recipes, visit


Creamed Spinach Stuffed Fillet

Elegant & easy weeknight wonder? This #JustDelicious Creamed Spinach Stuffed Fillet is ready in half an hour and definitely dressed to impress. The rich, salty Mediterranean flavours are perfect for these cooler Autumn evenings. For this and more flavour packed recipes, visit



The YOU, Drum and Huisgenoot recipe video this week is a #JustDelicious Roasted Chickpeas with Crispy Bacon, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes. See why it’s become a favourite in the home of YOU and Drum food assistant, Carmen Pietersen. Recipe also at

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