Five ways to flavour your popcorn

Five ways to flavour your popcorn

Whether you like your popcorn spicy, sweet, or just buttered, there is a flavour for everyone!

Flavoured popcorn
Flavoured popcorn/ iStock

The lockdown has many of us spending a lot of time indoors. 

One of the best ways to beat the lockdown blues is to watch movies, but we know nothing complements a good movie like a bowl of popcorn.  

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So, why not spice up your popcorn by adding different flavours that will cater to all your family members?

Vlogger Seema's Smart Kitchen has shared a video of her recipes for Masala, Caramel, Butter, Turmeric, and Tomato flavoured popcorn.

Check them out below:

Image courtesy of iStock / @9dreamstudio

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