Four delicious mango recipes to try this Summer
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Four delicious mango recipes to try this Summer

Impress your family by making these four delicious mango dishes.

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It’s mango season in South Africa. This delicious and nutritious fruit can be used to turn a simple dish into something extraordinary.

Here are four ways to enjoy mangoes this mango season.

Mango salad
If you are looking for a healthy, yet delicious salad, this mango salad from chef Raphael is amazing.

With ingredients like mango, cucumbers, tomatoes and coriander, it’s sure to be a winner. To dress it you only need pepper, salt and olive oil.

Mango juice

What is more refreshing on a hot summer day than fresh fruit juice?

The below recipe requires two mangoes, 1 glass of water, sugar syrup and ice. It’s so easy to make, yet delicious.

Mango dessert

Homemade mango ice-cream is yummy.

The great thing about this recipe is that you don’t need an ice-cream machine to make it. If you have cream, mangoes and condensed milk you are good to go.

Mango chicken curry

This mango chicken curry is a delicious combination of ripe mangoes, curry powder, coriander and coconut milk.

It can be enjoyed with rice, pap or samp.

Check out the recipe below:

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