How to make a delicious mutton curry bunny chow

How to make a delicious mutton curry bunny chow

Learn how to make the delicious mutton bunny chow with this easy recipe.

Mutton bunny chow
Mutton bunny chow / YouTube screenshot

A bunny-chow is a favourite for many South Africans. 

It is made of quarter loaf of bread with the inside scooped out and filled with curry. 

Some people prefer to fill it with chips, atchaar, russian sausage, cheese, Vienna sausage and add lots of spices and sauces. 

Whatever your preference is, the bunny chow never disappoints.

It is rich in flavour and spices.

And if you are not a meat-eater, you can try the vegetarian bunny chow that is full of veggies. 

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For this recipe, we are going to help you learn how to make a mutton bunny chow. 

Check out the full details of the recipe below, courtesy of vlogger Perima's kitchen. 

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