How to make the best homemade pie

How to make the best homemade pie

August 1st marks Homemade Pie Day. Learn how to make your own pie with this easy recipe.

Home made pie
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Pies are popular worldwide.

What's nice about pies is that they are not only filling, but you can add just about any filling you like.

Even though pies are traditionally only consisted of meat, nowadays, people can add fruits, vegetables or even custard. 

Pies can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. 

This Homemade Pie Day, we figured it would be great to learn how to make this fantastic, versatile dish. 

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500g all purpose flour (4 cups)

15g salt  (2 teaspoons) 

240g unsalted butter (2 sticks)

1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoon cold water 

450g ground beef /minced beef

1 large potato(diced)

1 carrot(diced)

1/2 teaspoon each




Garlic powder 

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 seasoning cube 

2 tablespoons flour 

3/4 cup water


- Put oil into the frying pan

- Add onions and fry until brown

- Add mince and cook until it turns brown 

- Fry until the mince is well done

- Add Curry

- Add thyme

- Add chilli

- Add garlic powder 

- Add 1/4 teaspoon salt

- Add 1 seasoning cube 

- Add diced potatoes and fry 

- Add carrots

- Add flour

- Add water

- Cook for 20minutes

Allow to cool

- In another dish, add flour

- Add salt

- Add cold butter and mix until crumbly

- Pour water and mix, but don't overmix

- Knead the dough

- Cut it into half

- Wrap in plastic and refrigerator for 30min

- Take one part of the dough and cut it into four

- Put one part on a flat surface and make it flat

- Roll from the center to the edges with a rolling pin dusted with flour. 

- Roll your pie crust around the rolling pin. 

- Transfer your crust to your pie dish. 

- Add pour the filling into the pastry-lined pie dish.

- Roll out an additional circle of dough or pastry and carefully place it over your pie. 

- Use a fork to shape the dough and then trim off any excess using a sharp knife.

- Brush the top of your crust with egg or melted butter to keep the crust moist. 

- Bake for 45 minutes


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