New Year Eve's recipe: Delicious fried ice cream

New Year Eve's recipe: Delicious fried ice cream

Say goodbye to 2023 and welcome the new year with this delicious fried ice cream! 

Fried ice cream
Fried ice cream / iStock

Add a little twist to your favourite dessert - ice cream!  Fried ice cream has become popular in recent times. 

It is sweet, crunchy, hot, and cold at the same time - providing a unique taste! 


Vanilla ice cream. 

Corn flakes. 


Whipped cream.


Nuts ( optional). 

Cinnamon (optional). 

Cooking oil. 


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Crush cornflakes in a blender or with a wooden spoon. 

Pour the flakes into a bowl. 

Fill the ice cream scoop with vanilla ice cream. 

Add the ice cream into the flakes bowl and ensure the flakes cover the ice cream. 

Cover with a plastic and put in the freezer until it is frozen. 

In a separate bowl, crush an egg. 

Remove the plastic from the ice cream. 

Roll the round frozen ice cream into the eggs.

Remove from the eggs and roll again in the flakes. 

Heat oil. 

Add the ice cream ball to the heated oil for a few seconds, until golden crispy

Place on a serving dish. 

Add syrup.

Sprinkle nuts 

Add whipped cream.

Place cherry on top.  


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