The perfect pickled fish recipe for Easter

The perfect pickled fish recipe for Easter

Pickled fish aka Kaapse Kerrievis is a staple over the Easter period, especially in Cape Town. Learn how to make it by following this recipe. 

Pickled Fish
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The countdown to Easter has begun. 

If you are one of those wanting to make a special Easter meal, but are not sure what to make, why not try pickled fish? 

It is made with any firm white fish fillets, particularly snoek. This is because snoek is the best fish to pickle. 

What makes this fish delicious is that is it flavoured with spices - the masala mix. 

It is served mainly with hot cross buns or freshly baked bread. 

Let's take a look at the recipe below courtesy of Mirelle's Kitchen Corner

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1-1/2kg fresh fish, sliced into pieces with skin on

2 cups cake flour 

1/2tsp salt 

1tsp mixed dry herbs

 1 tbsp chilli powder or masala of your choice 

1tsp tumeric powder

1tsp garam masala, dhania, jeera, cinnamon mix 

1tsp garlic drizzle of soya sauce. 

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Rub salt, garlic, soya sauce into the fish. In a bowl, add dry ingredients together and mix and coat fish. Fry fish until golden brown or until ready. Place fried fish onto paper towel to soak up the oil. 

Herbs and spice for onion gravy


8 curry leaves, chopped 2 bay leaves

1-1/2tsp garlic

1tsp ginger

1-2 green chillies 

1 tbsp black mustard seeds

1 tsp dhania seeds, crushed 

1 tbsp mixed dry herbs 

1tsp jeera seeds



2-21/2 tbsp chilli powder or masala

1&1/2tsp tumeric powder

1tbsp garumasala, dhania, jeera, cinnamon mixed ( you can use 1 cinnamon stick in place of cinnamon powder)

 2kg onions, sliced in rings, not too thin. 


3 tbsp sugar

 3/4 to 1 cup vinegar 

2 cups water 2 tbsp flour.


Slice onions into rings, not too thin. 

Add (A) into pot heated with oil. Cook for a few minutes until roasted or until flavours are released. 

Now add (B) for two minutes then add sliced onions and stir. 

Season with salt. Cook uncovered for five minutes with continuous stirring. 

Add (C) vinegar, water, sugar and cover. 

Stir onions while cooking, cook until half done. 

Add (C) flour to slightly thicken gravy and give another stir. 

Place lid on pot and simmer for another five minutes, turning the heat down. 

Once cooked, layer your pickle fish starting with onions first then fish and repeat until you end off with onions and pour all the gravy in. 

Let it cool and cover, place in fridge for a minimum of three days so the fish can soak up all the flavour. 


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