Pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dessert!

Pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dessert!

Pizza is the kind of food you wouldn't mind eating for breakfast, lunch, supper, and dessert. Thanks to these recipes, you can now do just that!

Dessert Pizza

"I hate pizza", said no one ever! Pizza is a favourite in just about every home, and hardly anyone can say no to a slice or two... or eight!

While the flatbread makes for an easy and delicious dinner on a Friday night, these recipes make it suitable for breakfast, lunch, and even dessert!

Why eat pizza once a day, when you can have it all day?

Pizza for breakfast 

Leftover pizza tastes great the next morning for breakfast, but we are not talking about leftovers. Pizza made specifically for breakfast time can be a major treat. Topped with eggs, fried mushrooms, sausages, and grilled tomatoes, it gives English Breakfast a whole new meaning. We love this recipe from Honeysuckle.

Pizza for lunch

Lunch time during the week is usually reserved for the ultimate sandwich. But have you ever tried a pizza sandwich? It's made with slices of bread and topped with your favourite pizza toppings. You can either add the toppings between two slices of bread to make a sandwich or top individual slices for something that resembles more of a pizza. 

Dessert pizza

Dessert pizza will make for an interesting talking point at dinner time. It's the perfect treat for kids and adults with a sweet tooth. Instead of using your favourite pizza sauce, you use chocolate sauce. Then top your pizza with some fruit, chocolate chips, and other tasty treats. 

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