Recipe: Delicious and crispy homemade lemon kale chips

Recipe: Delicious and crispy homemade lemon kale chips

Chips don't have to be an unhealthy snack. These kale chips are healthy and yummy. 

Kale chips
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Most potato chips on the market are fatty, greasy, and overly processed. But, kale chips are a healthy alternative. 

Kale is a superfood packed with lots of vitamins and minerals. These include Vitamin A, Folate, a B vitamin, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. 

What is also nice about kale chips is that they are easy and quick to make.

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Coconut oil ( or any oil you want)

Nutritional yeast powder or chilli powder if you like them to be chilly

Sea salt

Fresh lime juice

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- Remove the stem from the kale leaves.

- Tear the leaves into proportional sizes (cut them into a size bigger than the size of the chips you want because they will shrink when you cook).

- Dry the leaves off. You can use a salad spinner if you have one. 

- Cover the leaves with oil

- Add salt

- Add lemon

- Add nutritional yeast to make them crispy and cheesy

- Gently massage the leaves and ensure all the leaves are thoroughly covered with all the ingredients. 

- Place the greased leaves on a non-stick baking tray. 

- Bake at 180 degrees Celsius until they are crispy. This can take up to 45 minutes. 


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