Recipe: Delicious garlic and herb fried golden turkey

Recipe: Delicious garlic and herb fried golden turkey

This garlic and herb golden fried turkey is a must-try this festive season. 

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The year is nearly over. 

It is that time where many have stopped going to work and are just enjoying being with their loved ones at home. 

It is also a great time to spoil your family with delicious meals. 

Turkey is a favourite for many people, especially around Christmas time. 

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But, instead of the usual roast turkey, why not try this garlic and herb fried golden crisp turkey, courtesy of chef Nelson Makgakoa. 


- Lemon juice ( 2 Cups)

- Water ( 2 Cups) 

- Rosemary ( 3 Springs)

- Thyme ( 3 Springs)

- Black Pepper ( 2 Tablespoon)

- Garlic ( 1 clove)

- Salt

- Baby leaves. 

- Flour (4 cups)

-  Chicken spice ( 4 Tablespoons)

- Paprika ( 4 Tablespoons)

- Barbeque spice ( 2 Tablespoons) 

- Oil


- Cut the turkey into 16 small pieces.

- Marinate with lemon juice, water, herbs and garlic.

- Leave it overnight. 

- Mix flour with spices and paprika. 

- Roll the turkey in the flour mix. 

- Steam it for 45 minutes. 

- Leave the turkey to cool. 

- Deep fry until it is golden crisp. 


Image courtesy of iStock/ @AlexRaths

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