Signs that you are battling an alcohol addiction

Signs that you are battling an alcohol addiction

Alcohol abuse is a big problem in South Africa. Here is how you can identify if your drinking has become a problem. 

Alcohol abuse
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In 2018, the World Health Organisation reported that worldwide, three-million deaths every year result from harmful use of alcohol. 

Our World in Data organisation also states that it's estimated that globally around 1.4 percent of the population have an alcohol use disorder. 

Those who drink excessively may suffer dire consequences, such as increased risk of health problems. 

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Let's look at signs of alcohol abuse: 

- Having trouble controlling your drinking. 

- You spend a lot of your income on buying alcohol. 

- Missing work because of alcohol. 

- In order to get the buzz you want, you need to drink much more than before. 

- You get annoyed/irritated/moody when you haven't had a drink. 

- When you have to make excuses to get a drink. 

- The drinking is negatively affecting your relationships and you find yourself becoming distant from your loved ones. 

- You have been told you have a drinking problem by your family, friends or colleagues. 

- Drinking in secrecy or alone to avoid being judged. 

- Your life is getting out of control because of your use of alcohol. 

- Feeling hungover even when not drinking. 

 - You want to stop drinking, but you can't. 

- When your appearance changes due to too much drinking. Examples are when you start to gain weight or develop a pot belly or you develop a face that looks puffy and bloated from drinking. 

- Using alcohol to deal with stress. 

- When you start developing temporary blackouts or short-term memory loss. 

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If you have an alcohol addiction, then seek help immediately. To find the nearest alcoholism treatment center, you can visit the We Do Recover website. 

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