Recipes: Six mojito mocktails to try this Beverage Day

Six mojito mocktails to try this Beverage Day

Today, the world celebrates Beverage Day. Here are six mojito recipes for you to try! 

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Many of us start the day with our favourite hot beverage, be it tea or coffee. 

Meals can also be complimented with other beverages such as wine, beer, and even juice. 

6 May is a day dedicated to Beverage Day - the perfect excuse to indulge yourself by drinking your favourite bev. 

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Crave to Cook has shared the following mocktail recipes: 

 - Lime Virgin Mojito

- Strawberry Virgin Mojito

- Sea Virgin Mojito

- Ocean Breeze Virgin Mojito

- Blackberry Peach Virgin Mojito

- Fresh Citrus Virgin Mojito

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Check the out below:

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