Some Italian restaurant menus only have prices on for male customers

Some Italian restaurant menus only have prices on for male customers

Should men pay for meals? That’s the consensus in some Italian restaurants, where women are handed menus without prices, forcing the man to take care of the bill.

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Argentinian-born blogger Agustina Gandolfo has slammed the ‘sexist’ workings of some restaurants who hand women menus without prices on them.

 It is believed to be deliberate so that the man pays for the meal, but Gandolfo does not believe the practice has any place in 2021.

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 Gandolfo is the better half of Inter Milan and Argentina football star Lautaro Martinez. She took to her social media accounts to call out the practice.

 “Did you know that in numerous restaurants in Italy they don’t put prices on the menus that they give to women? And what if I wanted to pay? The worst thing is that they justify this by saying it only happens in restaurants of a certain level.

“So does that mean women cannot pay if we are talking about a more expensive meal?”

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In response to the furore on Twitter, a restaurant manager explained to La Repubblica: “If there is a couple at table we have the habit of giving the blind menu to the woman. It is not discrimination but a form of gallantry.”

What do you make of this?

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