Tamaryn Green causes a stir with 'Oros Chicken' recipe

Tamaryn Green causes a stir with 'Oros Chicken' recipe

Family recipes are everything! Tamaryn is sharing one of her family's favourite dishes. 

Tamaryn Green
Tamaryn Green / Instagram (@tamaryngreen)

Dr Tamaryn Green is back in the kitchen and this time around the former Miss South Africa is cooking up something very interesting. 

The 28-year-old recently started sharing 'Cook With Tamaryn' videos on her Instagram page. Every Wednesday, her followers patiently wait to see what dish the qualified medical doctor will be cooking. 

This time around, Tamaryn shared her 'Oros Chicken' recipe. 

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Tamaryn Green's Oros Chicken

Yes, you read right. Tamaryn whipped up some 'Oros Chicken' - a dish she says her mother loves making. Her 'Aunty C' taught her how to make the version she shared on Instagram.  

"Family recipes are everything, cos food filled with love is always the tastiest! Enjoyed learning how to cook this dish!" she wrote on Instagram. 

Here's what you'll need to make the recipe:

8-10 pieces of chicken
250ml Oros
250ml chutney
250ml mayonnaise
Chicken spice
Onions, red/green pepper/bell pepper (finely chopped)
Brown onion soup

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One fan noted that Tamaryn's recipe is a different take on orange chicken. 

It seems like a weird combination but Tamaryn's followers are eager to give it a try.

"My mouth is watering," former Miss SA contestant Karishma Ramdev commented.

Another Instagram user added: "Never heard of Oros chicken! Interesting. Im going to try it. It looks yummy!"


Cooking With Tamaryn Green

The verdict is still out on whether Tamaryn's husband, Ze Nxumalo, enjoyed the meal. But his mother loved the last dish she made. 

Tamaryn made 'Boentjie Kos' for her mother in law, who gave the dish a thumbs up after a taste test. 

"Let’s just start off with saying I’m not teaching anyone to cook. I’m sharing something I love doing, with you. I’m making this for my mother in law. Sharing one of my childhood favourites with her. Boentjie kos as the coloured community knows it by, was a staple in my community growing up & I hope my bonus mom loves it as much as I do," Tamaryn wrote.

Of course, some people couldn't resist giving Tamaryn some cooking tips. 

"The curry powder suppose to be added to onions," one follower told her.

Another follower added: "Cooking while wearing white."

A third person added: "Ayi..... it's not make sure cc..... but sending love for effort..... curry powder that has not burned in heat."

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The comments didn't stop Tamaryn from heading back into the kitchen. She shared a seafood curry next.

Once again, the masterchefs had some tips to share.

"Next time first cook the potatoes, my darling, so that you can not overcook the seafood. Looks good," one follower commented.

Another added: "Tam I love you but potatoes do not go within a seafood curry!'

But many more people applauded Tamaryn for trying to up her cooking game. 

"I'm not the greatest fan of cooking but hell you are trying and making an effort! Well done! Do you and what, makes you happy! Looks good though," one woman wrote. 

Well said!

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Main image credit: Instagram/@tamaryngreen

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