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Tasty tender roasts accompanied by a #JustDelicious variety of canapés

It's time to light up the tree and the kitchen - schools break up and the festive season is here! 


This week's selection of tasty tender roasts accompanied by a #JustDelicious variety of canapés will have you feeling as jolly as good ol’ Santa as you prepare for your celebrations.

Glazed Gammon and Stuffed Apples

First up, our feature recipe and video this week is a #JustDelicious Glazed Gammon and Stuffed Apples that's bursting with the flavours of Christmas! This absolute winner-dish will have your loved ones as happy as can be during this special time of the year.

Slow Roasted Pork Neck

Time to slow down and just relax - we have just the meal that will allow you to do just that! This #festive slow roasted pork neck can be popped into the oven and cooked to perfection while you chill out and maybe have a drink or two.

Pork Neck

Herbed Gammon with Balsamic Glaze

Turn up the festive flavours in your kitchen with our #festive Herbed Gammon with Balsamic Glaze. This dish is so #JustDelicious - it’s the perfect Christmas roast to serve to your loved ones this season. Nothing says Christmas like an Eskort Gammon on the table.

Herbed Gammon


Festive season also means Party Season! We have you covered with a variety of amazing canapés. It's the perfect selection of snacks for a #JustDelicious occasion!


Jingle bells are ringing at Eskort Butcheries for our #JustDelicious Merry Christmas Promotion and it includes Eskort Smoked Gammon with Glaze at only R74.90/kg! Ho, ho, ho - don't miss out on the Gammon, Fruit Mince Stuffed Belly Roast with Apples, Ginger & Cranberry Glaze, Smoked Pork Neck with Cherry Balsamic Glaze, Loin Roast, the Eskort Christmas Hamper which includes a Gammon, Pork Neck Roast, Hickory Ham (±3.4kg) and a Pickled Beef Tongue. More specials in-store next week (

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