WATCH: Garlic flavoured ice-cream enters the room

WATCH: Garlic flavoured ice-cream enters the room

Garlic flavoured ice-cream just might be the latest flavour invention.

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The evolution of ice-cream over the years has been very interesting and has introduced a lot of tasty flavours.

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Flavours have gone from plain vanilla to the likes of cookies and cream and chocolate chip.

However, @the_fit_jodie shared a video originally posted by @scottsreality on TikTok. The video suggests a new ice-cream flavour made out of garlic cloves.

But this time there’s nothing that says cream about this ice-cream invention, as it is just water and garlic cloves frozen together and eaten just like that. So, the whole time you will be chewing on some garlic and ice.

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Comments came flooding in to express their frustration with this ‘ice-cream’. One said: “That is not ice-cream, that’s garlic and ice block.”

Watch the video below: 

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