This is what Kate Middleton eats every day

This is what Kate Middleton eats every day

This is what the Duchess of Cambridge has for meals daily.

Kate Middleton
Instagram/ Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s go-to meals have been revealed and it turns out they are a bit similar to what Meghan Markle eats.

However, Kate’s meals incorporate more vegetarian options.

Here’s is a cheat sheet to eating healthy or just eating like Kate does:


The slow-burn energy oats Kate eats is a suggested breakfast meal for weight management. It has soluble fibre which helps keep you full for longer.



Kate prefers organic foods and raw ingredients for lunch. For example, she would have a watermelon salad with avocado, onion, cucumber, and feta cheese. This makes for a great sweet and savoury lunchtime meal.

watermelon salad


The best way to control your appetite is to have in-between meal snacks and Kate loves having some raw fruit and vegetables, including goji berries.

goji berries


She enjoys Sushi mostly because of its low fat and calorie content, which makes it a healthy dinner idea.



The Duchess enjoys sticky toffee pudding for dessert and to just ease into the night with a treat.

toffee pudding

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