Great substitutes for beer when cooking or baking

What to substitute beer with when cooking or baking

Does your recipe require that you use beer and you don't have it in the house or prefer to stay away from alcohol? Then check out this great beer substitute from The Spruce Eats. 

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There are many reasons why people cook or bake with beer. 

According to Food Network, beer adds a rich, earthy flavour to soups and stews and it adds a sweet or nutty taste to desserts.

IOL reports that scientists found grilled meat is better for you if it is soaked in beer for hours. 

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There are also some baking recipes that require that you add beer to the mix. For instance, beer bread recipes require that you mix with beer. 

If you don't have beer in the house, don't fret. There are several things that you can use to substitute the beer. 

The Spruce Eats shared the following substitutes for beer when cooking or baking: 

Light beer - chicken broth, ginger ale, white grape juice, white wine

Dark beer - beef broth, chicken broth, mushroom stock, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, root beer. 

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According to the publication, you can also use soda or plain soda water.

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