World Food Day: How to take part

World Food Day: How to take part

You can play a part in ensuring that hunger is eradicated. Here is how.  

Child holding 'I'm hungry' board
Child holding 'I'm hungry' board/ iStock

World Food Day focuses on tackling global hunger. It is celebrated annually on 16 October. 

According to, there are 870-million undernourished people in the world. 

Greeningtheblue reports that 60% of women and almost five-million children under the age of five die of malnutrition-related causes every day.

The theme for World Food Day is ‘Our actions are our future’. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is encouraging citizens to eat healthier food and eradicate global hunger. 

How to take part

Donate towards a cause

There are many initiatives in South Africa aimed at eradicating hunger. You can help by making donations towards such initiatives. One of them is Rise Against Hunger Africa

Also, some restaurants and stores have an option for donating a small amount of money towards feeding the hungry.

Share your food with the less fortunate

Just sharing a slice of bread or a plate of food a day can go a long way in feeding the less fortunate. You can even adopt a poor family or share your food with the homeless. 

Avoid wasting food

According to FAO, an estimated third of all food produced globally is lost or goes to waste. Do not throw away food. Cook enough for you and if it happens that you have left-overs, freeze them and eat them another day, or donate to others in need. 

Grow your own crops

Food scarcity is very high in South Africa. According to StatsSA, in 2017, 6.8-million South Africans experienced hunger. To ensure food scarcity is reduced, you can grow your own vegetables. Having your own vegetable garden will help you eat healthy fresh food and can go a long way in helping feed your family. A non-profit organisation called Heifer International helps disadvantaged families to eradicate hunger by donating animals along with training and other resources on how the families can grow their own food. 

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