American company is seeking accommodation for 100 roaches

American company is seeking accommodation for 100 roaches

Would you house roaches for 30 days if you were paid R34,000?

Pests control

A pest control company is on a quest to find new and innovative ways to fight roach infestations. As a result, they are seeking participants who are willing to harbour 100 roaches in their house to help with their quest.

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Yes, you read it right. They are looking for up to five to seven families willing to have their households used as the testing ground in exchange for money.

Once this was made a public announcement, people weighed in, highlighting how getting rid of roaches is one of the most difficult things to do at home and the compensation is just not enough.

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They argued the fact that roaches just rapidly multiply. Unfortunately, they will not be allowed to use their own pest control methods and the whole process will be filmed by technicians assigned.

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