Danny Painter reveals her favourite room to meditate in
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Danny Painter reveals her favourite room to meditate in

Danny Painter shares how meditation has changed her life for the better.

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Meditation has been proven to have many great benefits, such as reducing stress and promoting emotional health.

One of the people whose life has been changed by meditation is Jacaranda FM's very own Danny Painter.

“I don't think we realise how important meditation is for both our mental and physical health,” says the radio presenter.

Meditation has not only helped Danny better her breathing, but has even helped her deal with anxiety.

“I have had anxiety my entire life and nothing has worked like meditation has. It's why I do it. To slow my mind and control my breathing.”

Danny says meditation even helps her when she is stuck in traffic or during a bad day.

“It helps when you have a bad day because you're more likely to breathe through it and observe your thoughts and emotions than to react and allow them to control you. It's taught me that I am always in control, no one person or situation makes you angry. You choose to be angry, or sad or happy.”

The radio presenter says she tries to meditate at least once a day and adds that her favourite room to meditate in is the spare room in her house.

“Because we don't have kids, we had a room spare that I turned into a library. It's the warmest room in the house and looks into the garden, filled with books, it's very peaceful. I have a small altar that my crystals and special trinkets live on, things like religious ornaments I've been gifted or feathers I pick up. Anything that feels like it should live there,” she says.

Danny says for those looking to start meditating, but are not sure how to go about it, she recommends the following free apps: 'Calm', 'Simple Habit Meditation', and 'Stop Breathe Think'. 

“Or there are some great guided meditations on YouTube that range from five minutes to eight hours! Just search for meditation, press play, close your eyes, and go,” she concludes. 

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