First for Women – Fearless

First for Women – Fearless

1st for Women puts your safety first with services specifically designed for women like Guardian on Call.  


Every woman knows the universal women’s safety protocol. Don’t walk alone at night. Put your keys between your knuckles in case you need a weapon. Always have pepper spray ready. Wear something bright. Don’t wear anything too scandalous. Tell someone your whereabouts and even call someone if you do end up walking alone. And always be aware of your surroundings, even during the daytime.

1stfor Women believes that women feeling unsafe shouldn’t be normal and aims to inspire confidence in women by putting their safety 1st with services specifically designed for women like Guardian on Call.1st for Women has made a promise to protect South African women and it begins with a beautiful manifesto.

We need to talk about safety.

Because as women we think about safety all… the... time.

And we’ve done it for so long, we think it's normal.

But it’s not.

We hear our phones ring and our hearts sink.

We hear a dog bark and we’re on edge.

We’ve learnt how to make our car keys into weapons.

And our lives, well, smaller.

It's not normal.

It’s not normal to leave our lights on all night. Or lock ourselves in little corners of our homes. Or

compulsively check our loved ones’ last time online, and hold our breath until ticks turn blue.

We need to talk about safety.

And what we’d do with all that space in our heads if we felt just a little bit safer.

How we'd live if sunsets weren't curfews.

How we’d dress if our favourite skirt wasn't seen as an invitation for trouble.

How we’d run. For fun. Wherever and whenever we felt like it.

Imagine what we’d do, where we’d go, what we'd be willing to try, if we just felt… safer?

At 1st for Women,

We think about your safety as much as you do.

We put it 1st in everything we do

to build SA’s only insurer that is dedicated to putting women’s safety first.

Because a safer you, is a fearless you.

1st for Women.

1st for Women is licensed non-life insurer and FSP

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