JAC's Top 5: Here's why quiet time is important

JAC's Top 5: Here's why quiet time is important

The pressures of work and family can make it hard for us to find some quiet time. But quiet time has great benefits and is essential for one’s overall well-being.

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Our lives are filled with so many distractions and a busy schedule on top of that means that it’s difficult to make time for periods of inner reflection.

If it’s not work keeping us busy, then it’s social media, television, relationships, and family that sees us neglecting our own quiet time.

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However, quiet time is important and here’s why:

It clears your head

Our minds can be filled with so many things. When your mind feels cluttered, it’s easy to get caught up in whatever comes up first, rather than what’s actually most important. One of the benefits of shutting down outside noise and distraction is that you get time to clear your head and just think properly.

Inner reflection

It’s always important to reflect on the decisions you have made and what you want for the future. Setting aside time to just be on your own and think back over your life will help you make better decisions for the future.

It gives you rest

Have you ever seen how after having decent sleep, you feel rejuvenated? When you are busy, you can end up feeling tired not only physically but also mentally. But having quiet time helps relax your mind and body, giving you peace.

Makes you perform better

Having quiet time has been proven to help the brain perform better. The Quiet Time programme carried out in the US found that children who participated in the programme improved their grades and creativity.

It is great for meditation

Quiet time is the best time to meditate. Meditation has great benefits such as reducing stress, improving concentration, and increasing self-awareness.

Find time in your busy schedule to have some quality quiet time. It will do you good. 

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