Four options for pet care while you’re away on vacation

Four options for pet care while you’re away on vacation

Going on vacation is absolutely exciting, but leaving your pet behind can be a difficult thing to do. The anxiety and worry as to whether your pet is eating properly or is well taken care of can steal some of your joy.

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However, you do not have to worry about such things when planning for your next vacation. Here are four options for pet care while you’re away on vacation: 

- Get a Pet Sitter

Getting a pet sitter is one of the possible options to go for when leaving your pet behind. The pet sitter can either take care of your pet in your home or you could take your pet to the sitter’s location. The advantage of having the pet sitter taking care of your pet in your house is that your pet will be in a familiar environment. Additionally, the pet sitter will get to also watch over the house while you are away. 

- Ask a neighbour or family friend

You could also get someone you trust, like a family friend, to stay over at your place while they look after your pets. The advantage to this option is that you have someone you know and trust around your pets, so you will be at ease to know that your pets are in familiar hands. A neighbour could also be an option; he/she could pop in every now and again to feed your pets and make sure that they are safe. The disadvantage of this option though is that your pets may spend most of the time alone, so make sure to choose the best option for your pet's needs.  

- Take Your Pet To a Boarding Facility

A professional service like a boarding facility for pets is also another option. This option’s advantage is that it offers a professional service that is knowledgeable about animals and how to look after them. Of course the issue with this option is that your pet will most likely be in a cage; a set up that it may not be comfortable in. If, however, you’re considering this option, you could always send your pet off with an old clothing item of yours so that it may smell your scent around while in the cage.

- Speak to a local vet

A veterinarian is most likely to know of facilities where you could keep your pets safely while you’re away. You may find that your local vet has boarding facilities that you may take your pets to while you’re away. You could also use this time to get your pet checked up if it has any medical issues.

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