Home security: 10 things to do before leaving for vacation

Home security: 10 things to do before leaving for vacation

It's that time of the year where many people will be going on vacation. With the high rate of crime in South Africa, it is only normal to be concerned about the safety of your home.

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Statistics show that more than fifty percent of all crimes experienced by households in South Africa are housebreakings. Even though you can't really guarantee that your home will be a 100% safe when you are gone, there are things you can do to try and deter criminals.

Make sure your CCTV cameras work

Having hidden cameras installed into your house is a good security measure, but this won't help if they are not functioning properly. So before leaving for vacation, make sure you check that all cameras are working properly.

Unplug and switch off electronics

You don't want a situation where your house burns down because you left your plugs on. Switching off the plug is sometimes not enough as anything might trigger the switch. So make sure you unplug your appliances, especially things like irons and toasters. `

Put your light on timer

One of the things that can tell robbers that you are not home is if there is no activity in your house for some days and if no lights go on. Put a timer on your lights, but be careful you set it to go on at different times.

Assign someone to keep an eye on your house when you are gone

If you have someone you trust in your neighbourhood, ask them to frequently pass by your house to ensure that everything is still in order.

Leave a spare key with a trusted family member

Don’t leave your spare key outside, be it under a mat or under some brick. Most robbers know where to search for keys. So it's just not a good idea to leave your spare keys outside. Rather leave the key with a trusted family member.

Make sure windows are closed

Check that all windows to your house are closed. You don't want to make it easy for robbers to gain entry into your house.

Close all curtains

Also make sure that you close all curtains because you don't want someone to freely see the inside of your house which can help them monitor if there's someone inside or not.

Install a motion-activated sensor

It annoys robbers and will keep them away from your house.

Make sure everything is locked

Before you leave, make sure all doors are locked.

Be careful of what you put on social media

We know you will be excited and would want to share your experience with your friends on social media, but posting your whereabouts and what you are up to might put your house at risk as burglars would know that you are not home. Rather wait for when you are back at home to share the pictures.

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