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Learn how to make weed killers using common kitchen ingredients

Keep your garden free from weeds with these home-made weed killers using items you probably have in your kitchen cupboards already.


Weeds are a gardener's number one enemy. Although many of us use store-bought weed killers, these products are not always safe to use, especially if you have children and pets.

Common weed killers may contain harmful chemicals that can make their way into other plants, food and spaces where your children play. Just recently, a popular weed killing product made headlines for containing chemicals that were found to have higher rates of toxicity to human cells.

If you’d prefer a safer and inexpensive weed killer, make your own.

The below video shows how you can make a weed killer using salt, vinegar and dish soap.

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This video shows other ways of naturally killing weeds which are safe for the environment.

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