LIST: Prices of all the different streaming platforms

LIST: Prices of all the different streaming platforms

With so many options to choose from these days, the wallet could get hit hard...

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Netflix on TV
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Even though Netflix has been in the news for its possible updates to restrict viewing to within one household, the service still has one of the biggest libraries with a standard membership costing R159 per month.



With Disney set to release its streaming platform here in South Africa next month, it might be time to get access to all the Marvel and Star Wars shows. The subscription cost is R119 per month or R1,190 for the year.

Apple TV +

Apple TV +

Apple’s streaming service currently has the smallest media library consisting of some high-quality original content. The subscription clocks in at R84,99 per month.

amazon prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime houses all the Hulu shows and its own original content to build up quite the formidable library, with a subscription cost of R79 per month.



Showmax is the second biggest streaming platform in South Africa which offers local productions as well as some premium international content. The subscription starts at R39 per month, or free for DSTV Premium subscribers.



The latest streaming service launched by eTV is home to a variety of local productions at the truly competitive cost of R29,99 per month, R15 weekly, or R5 daily.

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