Manage your money better with the envelope budgeting method

Manage your money better with the envelope budgeting method

In this episode of The Money Podcast, Justin Harrison and David Bester talk about the envelope budgeting method, one of the oldest budgeting techniques, which is still as relevant today as it always has been.

The Money Podcast Envelope Budgeting Method

The envelope budgeting method can be traced all the way back to the days of Babylon.

This budgeting technique became popular during the early 1900’s as cash became more widely used and people needed a way to manage their money.

More recently with the advent of digital money, many millennials have turned back to this age old proven budgeting technique.

Justin and David are both advocates of this budgeting technique and have practiced this in their own lives for more than 20 years.

In this episode they break down how you can get started with the envelope budgeting method, and as always provide actionable steps you can follow, to succeed at budgeting. Click below to listen.

Last week, the team talked about a psychological phenomenon that causes us to repeat past mistakes especially when it comes to money, and shockingly 98% of people are prone to this disorder.

This phenomenon causes us to repeat past behaviour, more specifically negative behaviour patterns around money, and most people are completely unaware that their bad habits are related to this disorder.

Justin Harrison has spent the greater part of 20 years studying this topic and in this episode he gives us practical tips on how to not only avoid it, but overcome it, so we can succeed and thrive when it comes to money.

Click below to listen.

Meanwhile, in the launch episode of The Money Podcast, our hosts had practical advice for managing your personal finances and mastering your emotions when it comes to money.

Click below to listen to Episode 1 - an 11-minute listen...

More about Justin and David

Justin Harrison and David Bester are two self-made entrepreneurs on a mission to help South Africans become better at money.

Justin Harrison is the author of eight personal finance books; he’s a serial entrepreneur, investor, wealth creator and one of South Africa's thought leaders in the financial technology space. He is a passionate South African, father of three and avid sportsman who believes deeply that South Africa is one of the best countries in the world.

David Bester is also a personal finance author, personal finance coach, entrepreneur and investor, and has been on the forefront of the digital finance revolution for the last decade. He is a father of two, an avid sportsman, and believes that South Africans can prosper with the correct motivation and direction.

Together Justin and David are involved in multiple business ventures and share a common passion for financial education, self-improvement and simplicity, and these are the driving force behind all their ventures.

In July 2020, the duo took to YouTube to start a financial education channel to help South Africans better understand money, and since then over 200,000 South Africans have taken to the channel to learn and engage.

Catch them weekly in The Money Podcast with practical, down-to-earth advice which you can take and action immediately. New episodes are released every Thursday. Subscribe via this page.

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