Natural Disaster: Where to seek help

Natural Disaster: Where to seek help

If you survive a natural disaster and have no home or personal belongings, here is where you can get help. 

Paramedic speaking with survivor
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Natural disasters can cause loss of life, as well as damage to homes and infrastructure. 

Sometimes survivors are left homeless, without food or clothes. 

In such cases, where do you seek help? 

The first thing to do is to examine yourself for injuries or cuts. If you need medical assistance, call an ambulance or rush to a nearby clinic or hospital. 

Inform your insurance company

If you are covered for insurance, contact your insurer. Ensure that you try and collect as much evidence about the disaster that you might need for the claim. Also, avoid cleaning before you have submitted the evidence because the insurance assessor will come to conduct a thorough inspection of the property and review the extent of the damage. 

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Call 10111

This emergency number will put you in contact with police or the relevant authorities who can come to your rescue urgently or give you guidance about what to do. 

Go to a nearby shelter

There are many non-profit organisations that offer temporary shelter and food for stranded victims of natural disasters. 

The following shelters are located in Gauteng: 

MES Shelter in Hillbrow and Kempton Park. 

The House Group for girls in Hillbrow.

Kotze Overnight Shelter in Hillbrow.

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