A new challenger to WhatsApp emerges

A new challenger to WhatsApp emerges

Is MoyaApp the next big instant messaging service?

moya app

MoyaApp is a South African-developed app that allows users to send end-to-end encrypted messages like WhatsApp, but with one big difference.

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MoyaApp allows users to use the service without incurring data charges if their SIM card is registered on an affiliated network.

Besides the instant messaging, MoyaApp also allows a person to read news, get live soccer scores, browse Wikipedia, check the weather, communicate with government services, and so much more. All data free!

Another significant feature for South Africans to use is the function that allows you to check your SASSA status, like if your application was successful and when to pick up your payment.

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The app was first released in July 2021 and has built up a solid user base of around six-million users.

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