Nine ways to get your children to tidy up their room

Nine ways to get your children to tidy up their room

It’s a battle most parents never win – getting their children to clean up their room, but this doesn’t have to be so. Check out our tips on how you can get your young ones to take pride in tidying up their space.

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Getting your children to tidy up their rooms can be a mission impossible. Most kids would rather just play and have an adult do all the cleaning.

But making your children clean their own room is not only for hygiene purposes, but can prepare them for the time when they will be staying by themselves.

Check out our tips on how you can get your young ones to take pride in tidying up their space.

Let them know why this is important
It’s easier to get things done when one understands the importance of doing it and the consequences of not doing it. Just telling your kids to clean their room without making them see why this is important might not have the same impact as if they knew why it is important to do so. Discuss with your kids the benefits of staying in a clean room and what the consequences of staying in a dirty room are.

Lead by example
Kids learn by watching how adults do things. If you yourself never make time to clean your own room, they might not see the need to clean their own room. So lead by example. It’s also important to help them get started in the beginning. So instead of just expecting them to know how to do stuff, set aside time to show them how they should do it.

Be clear
Let your children know exactly what it is that you expect them to do. To some children, cleaning the room can just mean making their bed and making sure there are no clothes lying around, while as a parent you might want them to even go as far as sweeping and mopping the floors. So be clear on their tasks.

Set a time
Discuss with your child when the best time to clean their room is - depending on your preferences. Some parents might prefer to have the room cleaned first thing in the morning when the rest of the house is being cleaned, while others might prefer to have it cleaned later in the evening after the kids have had some play time.

Don’t be too harsh
Do not expect your children to be as good as you when it comes to cleaning, and do not be too harsh on them when they make mistakes. Also, make sure you aren’t too quick to criticise them, because this could put them off.

Compliment them for doing a good job
Most kids thrive on compliments. In most cases, parents are too quick to criticise their kids for wrongdoings, and hardly compliment them for doing well. Make it a habit to compliment your child and reward them for good behavior.

Allow them the freedom to decorate their own room
One of the things that can make your child feel they have some control over their space is to allow them to re-arrange the furniture and decorate their own room. This will give them a sense of pride.

Make disciplinary measures known
Kids need to know that they need to obey your instructions as an adult, or face disciplinary actions. Make the disciplinary measures known from the beginning. For instance, let them know that they will not be allowed to have play time until their room is clean.

Reward them for going the extra mile
If your child goes the extra mile, like even tidying up their wardrobe if it wasn’t part of their tasks, reward them. Rewards are a great way to get kids to do more. This will show them that you appreciate what they do, and can even make them want to continue doing more than just the required tasks. You can reward them with gifts or extra play time.

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