Old Stuff Day: Creative ways to revamp your stuff

Old Stuff Day: Creative ways to revamp your stuff

Don't let your old stuff go to waste.


In celebration of Old Stuff Day, we bring you creative ideas to help you revamp your old stuff.

From old clothes to gadgets, don't let anything go to waste. Get creative and save yourself a bit of money while you're at it.

Let's begin!

Odds and ends

Stuck with old buttons, keys, books, or even a trash can? Don't fret. The video below has more than 10 creative ways in which you can save your old stuff and make them useful again.


Don't throw away your old T-shirts. This video will give you exciting ideas you can use to re-purpose your T-shirts. Starting with a fancy handbag and some pillowcases, check out 15 cool ideas that your old T-shirt can be used for.


We all have that pair of jeans we love but sadly can't wear anymore. Whether they’re torn, don't fit or are just old, you don't have to throw it away. Check out eight creative ways to re-purpose them.


New gadgets are always being introduced and sooner or later, we find ourselves stuck with old phones and computers that we just don't know what to do with. This video will show you how you can turn your gadgets into useful tools around the house. 

For more creative ways to recycle your belongings, check out the video below.

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