Selfie Day: 3 ways to make your own selfie stick

National Selfie Day: 3 ways to make your own selfie stick

Why buy a selfie stick if you can make your own? Here are three DIY selfie stick videos to help you make one.

Selfie stick
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Happy Selfie Day. 

Thursday, June 21 is National Selfie Day - the perfect day to strike a pose and take a snap of yourself for the gram.

But to take that perfect selfie, you need a selfie stick. 

Selfie sticks can cost a few hundred Rands, but why spend so much money? Learn how to make your own with tools you most probably have in your house. It’s so easy.

Let’s look at three ways you can make your own selfie stick.

Wire hangers are not just good for hanging clothes, they also make great selfie sticks. All you need is a pair of pliers and a wire hanger. 

Watch the video below for instructions:

A stick, a couple of wires, pliers, sellotape, earphones, glue and a phone cover, and you’re good to go for this DIY selfie stick.

For the third method you will need an old umbrella, glue and a few more pieces of equipment. Check out the video to see how they do it:

Now that you’ve made your own selfie stick, master the art of taking the perfect selfie by watching a video from DIY guru and fashion influencer Amber Scholl on how to take the perfect selfie. 

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