Six cool summer décor ideas for your living room

Six cool summer décor ideas for your living room

Here's how you can decorate your home to feel fresh and summery.

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Spring is almost out, and we are ready to welcome summer!

One of the things we enjoy doing is to change or style our homes to be in line with the season. 

With the festive season just a few weeks away, many of us will be welcoming visitors into our homes. So, you want to ensure that your home looks pretty and fresh.

Here is how you can decorate your home in such a way that it feels light and summery. 

Change the pillows

Couch pillows are a great way of adding some colour to your living room. They are also great to just cuddle during the cold weather seasons. But, during summer you don’t really need heavy pillows. 

Replace the heavy pillows with light cotton or light fabric pillows that are covered with summer themes.

A great tip for pillows is to invest in buying pillow inners, and then you can just change the covers for the different seasons or depending on your mood. This way, you don’t have to worry about having to find space to store pillows that you don’t use.


Get summer throws

Adding a throw to a living room can help revamp the room, giving it a completely different look and style. 

Although throws are used to add warmth to the living room during winter, in summer, you just want to use them to help decorate the room.

So, get lightweight throws for your couches.

These types are designed for summer:


Put up bright decor accessories

Dark colours are normally used for winter.

Take down some of the dark and heavy accessories in your living room and replace with colourful accessories that will make your living room look livelier.

There are also great summer message boards that you can get to hang up in your living room. 

Use Summer flowers

Flowers and plants are a natural way to decorate your living room. 

Decorate your home with flowers that in are in season, such as garden roses, Stargazer Oriental Lilies, Dahlia and Alstromeria. 


Cover your couches with Summer covers

Couch covers are trendy. You can make your living room look different by just covering your couch with a couch cover that is brighter and summery. 


Remove the rug

Rugs add warmth to the living room, but you don’t really need to feel warm in the summer, because it is hot anyway. 

So, pack away your rug during the summer season. 

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