2.5m Black Mamba casually slithers into Durban home

2.5m Black Mamba casually slithers into Durban home

Imagine seeing a very large Black Mamba casually slithering into your home, through the lounge and down the passage, past your child's bathroom, and into a bedroom? It happened in Reservoir Hills recently, and Nick Evans rushed to the rescue.

Snake Rescue Mamba in bedroom
Nick Evans

This was a rather strange and incredible call for Nick, and for many, the stuff of terrifying nightmares!

A family in Durban's Reservoir Hills area had a large Black Mamba come to visit, and not in the 'usual' way! It wasn't discovered in a messy storeroom; it wasn't seen slithering through the garden - it was seen slithering through the front door!

However, as Nick explains, while it could have easily attacked the family, it didn't. Have a listen as to how this unfolded!

Meanwhile during Lockdown Level 3, Snake Rescue's Nick Evans received a call to help retrieve a Black Mamba from a storeroom in some horse stables on the KZN North Coast. It was to be a difficult, and dirty rescue operation.

A large storage area full of big boxes and all sorts of things for a snake to hide under or behind-not an ideal situation for a snake catcher, but a great place for a Black Mamba!

Nick had lots to move at these stables. It was hard work in hot weather! Listen to the full story in the podcast below.

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Nick's organisation, KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, is a chapter of The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation.

Contact Nick on 072 809 5806 for information about snake removals in the Greater Durban area. Email him if you'd like to find out about his educational talks. 

Main image courtesy of Nick Evans

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