South Africa's Best Ads of 2023 | Talking in Creative Circles podcast

South Africa's Best Ads of 2023

Ever wondered what makes an ad truly award-worthy? 

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The Creative Circle

The new podcast, Talking in Creative Circles, takes you behind the scenes of the South African advertising industry, starting with a deep dive into the 2023 Creative Circle Best of the Year awards.

This debut episode - available now on JacPod - features industry heavyweights Carl Willoughby, Chief Creative Officer at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Sibusiso Sitole, Chief Creative Officer and founding partner of The Odd Number, and Roanna Williams, Chief Creative Officer & co-founder of Boundless.

Together, they dissect the winning campaigns, discussing trends across categories and the importance of creating ads that resonate with a brand's identity and purpose.

Listen in as they dissect award-winning campaigns like "Riky Rick - Stronger" and explore the secrets to crafting impactful ads that blend technology with classic storytelling techniques. 

Whether you're a marketing enthusiast or simply curious about the world of advertising, Talking in Creative Circles offers a fascinating glimpse into the creative minds that shape the ads we see and hear every day. 

Listen to episode one at the top of the page or below.

Talking in Creative Circles is produced in partnership with Kagiso Media Radio.

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Talking in Creative Circles
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Talking in Creative Circles
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Talking in Creative Circles

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