Three must-have kitchen appliances for healthy eating

Three must-have kitchen appliances for healthy eating

Invest in these life-saving appliances and enjoy good health and delicious meals.

Air fryer

Food has a great impact on our health and one of the challenges in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is eating a healthy diet.

Thanks to technology you can now make healthy food, drinks, snacks and blends without worrying about losing nutrients or putting on extra kilos.

Using these appliances means you still get to enjoy your favourite foods, but not compromise your health.

Air fryer
Do you like fried food but worry about fat consumption? Ditch the take out and invest in an air fryer instead. An air fryer will allow you to make healthier fried and crispy foods without the grease or oil.

Using an air fryer means you use up to 80% less fat.

This is a great appliance to have especially if you are looking at cutting down your fat intake.

Food blender

Food Blender
Food blender/iStock

One of the great kitchen appliances to invest in is a food blender.

Food blenders are especially important if you struggle to eat fruits and vegetables, which are essential for healthy living.

Blenders turn veggies and fruits into delicious liquids such as juice, soup and smoothies.

So, thanks to blenders you can still reap the nutrients of veggies and fruits by making them into juice or any liquid you enjoy. This is a great appliance, especially if you have kids who hate eating veggies.

Just look out for great recipes and have fun making them with your young ones in the kitchen.

Food dehydrator

Food dehydrator
Fooddehydrator/ iStock

Dehydrated foods make healthy, delicious snacks and treats.

A food dehydrator only removes moisture from food items such as fruits, vegetables and meats, so you still get to benefit from all the minerals and fibre in them. This is better than cooking where you can lose the nutritional content of the food.

Not only does a food dehydrator make delicious snacks, but it also extends the shelf life of your food which reduces waste.

Use your food dehydrator to make chips, dried fruits and dehydrated fruit roll-ups.

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Main image courtesy of iStock/ venusphoto

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