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The underappreciated star of 'Home Improvement'

Al Borland never got the credit he fully deserved...

Al Borland - Home Improvement

Do you remember the show 'Home Improvement'?

If you do, you will no doubt remember Tim Allen's character, Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor! He was the goofy dad who almost always got himself into a pickle, despite being a self-proclaimed genius of DIY.

Well, while I was a big fan of Tim Taylor, Richard Karn's character Al Borland was the star of the show in my eyes.

Al was the guy that tied everything together. He was often the butt of the joke, but his presence ensured everything worked, and I don't think people quite appreciate that fact.

Al was also incredibly funny - often without even saying a word.

So I want to pay tribute to Al and all the Als out there - because we can't all be Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor!

Who was your favourite 'Home Improvement' character? Let us know in the comments section below.

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