Why are retirement villages so popular?

Why are retirement villages so popular?

Many people are choosing retirement villages over old age homes. We get an expert's opinion of this trend.

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It appears that the days of people moving straight from their family homes into old age homes are over.

Those reaching retirement age are now opting to keep their lifestyle and are choosing retirement villages.

There is a stigma that retirement villages are no different from old age homes, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Marilyn Hallett, Director of You’ve Earned It – the brand synonymous with South African over-60s, believes retirement villages are very popular because they allow retirees the chance to continue living their lives - which is something many people approaching retirement age fear they won't be able to do.

"There are several big questions around retirement when it comes to housing and accommodation when one starts thinking about a down-scaled, more manageable, and more secure lifestyle. 65 is often the “magic age” when seniors start thinking about this transition," Hallett says.

"The generation known as Baby Boomers - those born in the post-war years, between 1946 and 1964, is very different to the generation before them. Baby Boomers are independent, confident, optimistic, and self-reliant. They have a desire to remain vital and engaged and show no signs of slowing down - thus wanting more than an old age home can provide.

"Baby Boomers are redefining the meaning of retirement in an ever-changing world. Developers of retirement villages know that the typical Baby Boomer is looking for an environment that will enable them to live a relaxed, social, but productive lifestyle – one that will allow them to fully enjoy their retirement years, while simultaneously taking care of possible future healthcare needs."

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What are your thoughts on retirement villages and retirees being able to continue living the lifestyle they desire?

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